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Insurance Claims Re-Roofing

Will Your Roofer Submit Insurance Claims for Re-Roofing?

If your insurance covers re-roofing, you may wonder if it will be hard to submit a claim. Usually, there is no need to worry. Most roofers will submit insurance claims for re-roofing for you, saving you from having to figure out arcane insurance company forms.

In some cases, insurance will only cover re-roofing if it is done to repair damage from a storm, fallen tree, or any other cause. If this is how your insurance policy works, you'll definitely want to get roof estimates for regular re-roofing work. This is because if the insurance company considers the new shingles to be just regular maintenance, you may end up being the one to pay.

Roof estimates are also important if your insurance policy makes you pay a percentage of the bill. Again, this is because you'll have to be sure that the co-pay amount fits your budget. Unless you have a zero deductible, zero co-pay policy, you shouldn't just okay the first quote you get. Shop around to make sure that the roofer is respecting your budget.

If a roofer will submit insurance claims for re-roofing, there's a good chance that the company will also submit them for other roof-related claims that you have, as long as you have them do the repair work. Roof patches and other repairs are often covered, because it's cheaper for the insurance company to pay for a quick repair than a whole new roof.

For more information on submitting insurance claims for re-roofing, contact Up2Code Roofing in Fort Walton Beach, FL. This company provides roof estimates, does repairs and reshingling, and can even install emergency blue tarps after hurricanes and other big storms.

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