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Get Re-Roofing Done Before You Need a Completely New Roof

Even though the job of putting new shingles on a roof is typically called re-roofing, it is very different from the project of installing an entire new roof. The latter, known as roof replacement, is a very expensive job that involves replacing the entire roof deck – the part the shingles are nailed to – as well as the shingles themselves. Roof replacement is best avoided by getting re-roofing done as soon as it is needed.

When old shingles wear out, they allow water to leak underneath. If regular roof inspections aren't done, the problem is usually detected when water begins to leak into the house. Once that happens, damage to the roof deck has typically already occurred. Even so, if local roofing contractors are called in quickly, it may be possible to fix the roof with just new shingles and a possible patch to the roof deck.

If the failing roof is ignored even after leaks start, the water will start to saturate the roof deck. Since the deck is typically made of wood, it will begin to rot. This is true even if the wood is pressure-treated. All rotten sections must be replaced so that the roof remains strong and doesn't cave in. The biggest downside to complete roof replacement is the cost. It costs several more thousand dollars to replace the structure of the roof than it does to simply replace the shingles.

This is one of the reasons local roofing contractors strongly suggest getting regular roof inspections. With frequent inspections, problems can be spotted before water ever makes it through your shingles. Then, repairs or shingle replacements can be made while the issues are still easy to take care of. Waiting for obvious problems is never a good option with a roof.

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