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We are based in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

Need a new roof, but aren't sure where to start? Let our experienced staff help you navigate the myriad of roofing choices to find the proper one for your needs and budget.  With Up 2 Code Roofing©, you ALWAYS get expert repairs and installation from a team you can trust.

1. Repair

Dealing with a frustrating leak or weather damage? Whether you need a quick shingle fix or a more significant repair, you can depend on our honest and reliable company like Up 2 Code Roofing. Our estimates are always free, and include photos of various kinds of damage for easy reference.

Call now to put our response crew on the fix!

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Emergency Cover up
2. Emergency Cover-Up/Blue Tarp
Quickly cover storm or tree damage to stabilize your roof and prevent further damage. For insured damage, we're happy to assist you in your insurance coverage!
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Free Consultation
3. Reasonable Pricing

It's time to get a new roof. Old shingles look worn out and some are even damaged.

What is the cost of roofing? How much does a new roof cost? To get answers to such questions, reach out to our roofing estimator. You will get a reasonable estimate of your roof replacement costs. Our honest "Mom and Pop" family owned company serves the best as per your payment. Moreover, we use materials that get the best insurance discounts. There are several factors that affect the cost of a new roof such as:

  • Roof Square Footage

  • Roof Type (depends on the complexity of a project)

  • Roofing Materials (like shingles)

  • Labor


Call for a free estimate today!

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